Saturday, 16 October 2010

Durham Goes Giraffe at Christmas

Durham City Centre in the UK is giraffified! Note the landmark Durham Castle, the giraffe Santa, and the various giraffe characters enjoying their Durham Christmas shopping.

Suitable for unusual Christmas cards, and ideal for those who would love Durham Christmas cards, or giraffe Christmas cards!


A lot of our customers have said this popular card speaks to them of self-esteem. About finding out who you are and sticking your neck out for your dreams!

Suitable for many occasions, and ideal as an encouragement card, friendship card or aspirational card.


'Yes!' is a nexuberant nexpression of our motto 'Stick your neck out for your dreams!' Giraffitude!
Suitable for many occasions, and ideal as a Congratuations card, an encouragement card, or affirmation card.

Durham goes Giraffe

Another giraffified scene of Durham City, this time featuring the historic Market Place. Note the giraffe crossing and the statue!
Suitable for many occasions and ideal for unusual Durham cards!

Giraffe Greetings from Newcastle-Gateshead

This unusual Christmas card shows a giraffified view of Newcastle-Gateshead's Millenium Bridge in the UK. Note the giraffe cranes! You can see several giraffe characters who are also present on some of the other UK scenic cards.
Ideal for unusual Newcastle Christmas cards, or giraffe Christmas cards for giraffe-loving friends!

Giraffe Love

A warmly romantic card suitable for loving occasions all year round, or as a Valentine Card.

High Altitude Toothpaste

Brushing one's teeth requires a very long toothbrush and special High Altitude Toothpaste, when you have a neck as long as we do!

Suitable for many occasions, especially as a humorous motivational card!

Giraffe Kiss

Romance is alive and well in Giraffe World!
Suitable for many occasions, popular all the year round as a romantic card, including as a Valentine card.

Giraffe Quest

Many of us are on a quest, and it can be encouraging to receive a card relating to it.
What do you notice about the giraffe on this card? (... the giraffe has no shadow, and is on a beautiful quest to find it, led by the moon through the giraffe trees!)
Suitable for many occasions and ideal as a friendship card, motivational card, or unusual landscape card!


This card features The Day of the Giraffe Sky, which in the mythology of Giraffe World was how the giraffes came into being!
Suitable for many occasions, and ideal as a birthday card or friendship card for someone who loves landscapes and art.

Giraffe House

Painted in beautiful vibrant colours, Giraffe House has the happy humorous atmosphere typical of a Giraffe World home. It shows many long-necked household items and giraffe-friendly design features - see how many you can find!
Suitable for any occasion, and frequently purchased as a New Home card, or house moving card.

Giraffe Eating Wiggy Willow

Choosing a Vehicle

Giraffe Among Tall Raspberries

Taking Tea in the Garden

Giraffe Kick

We giraffes have a tremendously powerful kick - I have been told that we could kick a football the distance of two-and-a-half-human football pitches! This image shows a penalty kick in a game of Giraffe World football.
Suitable for many occasions, and ideal as an unusual football card, or sport card.

Giraffe Mermaid

We sometimes see the beautiful and elusive giraffe mermaids on our travels in our new giraffe submarine, Necktune's Chariot. You can read about it here on my husband Raph's blog.
Suitable for many occasions, and ideal for a friendship card, or a mermaid card for someone collects mermaid figurines and other sea creatures.

Text Me Angel!

Newcastle Goes Giraffe

Newcastle-upon-Tyne city centre giraffified! The historic Grey's Monument is transformed, and giraffes are everywhere, enjoying their shopping and their cups of tea at the pavement cafes.
Suitable for many occasions, and ideal as an unusual Newcastle-upon-Tyne card, or an unusual giraffe card for a Geordie giraffe fan!

Going Giraffe on the Tyne

In this giraffified view of the River Tyne, there are many recognizable features. You can even spot my husband Raph reading the paper on a bench! We enjoy our visits through the Intergalactic Secret Portal to Newcastle!
Suitable for many occasions, and ideal as an unusual Newcastle card, or giraffe River Tyne card!

Durham Giraffes in Love

Rowing with Lots of Neck

Hadrian's Wall Goes Giraffe

Ever wondered what a giraffe would look like in Roman Centurion's uniform? This giraffified image of Hadrian's Wall in the UK will give you an idea! There is also a remarkable semblance to our own Long Neck Wall bordering our county of Knollshire ...
You may like to be introduced to our dear friend Trachelus Aplombus - you can read about him, and the Long Neck Wall here on my husband Raph's blog!

Suitable for many occasions, and ideal as a Hadrian's Wall card, Roman card, or unusual North East card!

Forbidden Love at Hadrian's Wall

Networking with Lots of Neck

Think Giraffe!